Cancer Made Me Sad

I was diagnosed at age 40 with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  I was devastated.  Cancer made me unhappy.  Cancer made me sad.  Cancer made me withdrawal from my life.  At least that’s what I thought…

I was one chemo dose into my cancer treatment and I had “a quantum moment.”  I was in the shower.  My doctor told me I couldn’t take a bath, because chemo kills all your fast-growing cells and the cells that hold your fingernails and toe nails on are somewhat fast growing cells.  If you soak in water, you can soak off your nails.  Gross, I know.

So, I was in the shower and feeling very unhappy and sad.  I sat down in the shower and started to cry.  My hair had just started to fall out that morning.  I’m not sure how long I was there but long enough that a bunch of hair had found its way to the drain.  The water had backed up and was a couple of inches deep.  I started to laugh.  I was technically having a bath!  My fingers and toes were out of the water yet I was sitting in water.  The very thing that I was told that I couldn’t do, I was doing.  It was the first step in changing how I felt about my cancer (there were many more to come)!

I had all these preconceived notions about how a cancer patient should feel, should act, should be.  Most of them were negative.  I gained my power back when I decided that cancer wasn’t making me unhappy.  My thoughts were.  Cancer wasn’t making me sad.  I was.  Cancer wasn’t making me withdraw from life.  I decided to do that.  It was a terrible and wonderful discovery.  Terrible because I had caused my own pain.  Wonderful because now I controlled the power to make myself feel better.

One of my favorite phrases during cancer treatment was “It is what it is.”  I said it over and over, and it was true.  Circumstances are what they are.  The power comes from the meaning we give it.

I was not able to change the fact that I had cancer and you may not be able to change a situation in your life.  You do however, have the power to give it meaning.

What circumstance can you not change, but if you changed the meaning, you would be happier?

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